Creative Processes for Inner Development

Creative Processes for Inner Development is a healing modality that employs a seven step artistic spiritual process enriched with movement and drama exercises of Michael Chekhov. Grounded in the present,  this is a guided exploration of the past with a compass in hand to navigate the future. A call to bring to life and embody the emerging NEW in each and every individual.

This modality is based on the work of Conrad Van Houten, Shirley Routledge and Arlene Thorn.

The human body is a storehouse of immense wisdom. It knows how to heal itself. When we learn about ourselves, about life, we want that learning to permeate our entire being. Learning to walk with this embodied wisdom, allows us to bring our visions into reality. We become congruent. Life starts to make sense. We can figure out why we are here and finally we can find the path that has been waiting for us all along. 

With the help of the Chekhov movement exercises we will sense and feel into who we are and arrive into the present, where the “I” resides. Here we can explore our dreams, be inspired by  them and make them into reality. This is how destiny is built. The practice has the potential to become an intentional creation tool filled with wisdom that heals. It is meant for all adults “who shall not cease from explorations”. No previous experience in movement or arts is needed.

Individual sessions are being offered for this groundbreaking work. A series of seven weekly sessions with a starting date and time that work best for you.

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