About Kati

Kati Gabor is a certified Life Coach with a Masters of Education focused on Waldorf education. She has over 20 years experience mentoring and teaching individuals and groups of children of all ages, their parents and teachers. She has facilitated multiple workshops and retreats for groups of adults with various professional backgrounds. As a New Adult Educator and My Child My Self facilitator she has developed Creative Inner Development Processes to incorporate movement and gesture work of the Chekhov drama exercises into Destiny Learning. 

Kati’s life story has provided ample opportunity to contemplate the workings of Karma and her own destiny, which has committed her to the path of self development. With her roots in a small Central European country, Hungary, she grew her wings in Canada. She loves spending time connecting with nature and spending time in the company of animals and children. She is eternally grateful for the love of her parents, her sons, her grandparents and great grandparents, and for her ancestors who came before. Kati travels between her home country of Hungary and her home in Canada. 

  • Certified New Adult Educator with Arlene Thorn of New Adult Learning, Canada
  • Certified Life Coach with Nancy Levin ( Hay House author) at Levin Life Coach Academy
  • Drama as a Path of Inner Development certificate in Chekhov work with Laurie Portocarrero at the Threefold Educational Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY,USA
  • Puppetry Training certificate with Suzanne Down of Juniper Tree School of Puppetry, Keene, NH, USA
  • Certified High School teacher, Master of Education. University of Szeged, Hungary
  • Certified Waldorf teacher, ELTE University Budapest, Hungary
  • Certification in Simplicity Parenting for Care Professionals by Kim John Payne
  • Family Constellation training (ongoing) with Marina Toledo at Hellinger Institute and with Judy Wilkins-Smith 
  • Meditate & Mediate course with Thomas Hubl and William Ury 
  • Various trauma integration courses with Dr. Gabor Mate (Compassionate Inquiry) and Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems); Thomas Hubl (Trauma Healing)
  • U-lab 1x and 2x with Presencing Institute

Learning from and applying the practices of outstanding researchers, teachers, mentors and healers Kati continues to receive inspiration from the work of Rudolf Steiner, Coenraad van Houten and Shirley Routledge (Destiny Learning), Dawn Langman (heartfirestudio.com) Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Margaret Paul (Inner Bonding), Richard C. Schwartz (Internal Family Systems), Otto Scharmer (Theory U), Arawana Hayashi (Social Presencing Theatre) and others.