Are you ready to move through your story and shape your destiny?

Imagine Inner Development through playful creativity with joy for life rekindled. Allow me to support you while you move and sense your way into embodying this imagination, inspired and ready to create. The Child within awaits you.

I offer Creative Inner Development Coaching for:

  • Deepening personal, parental, professional or organizational development
  • Embodying the sacred role of parent, teacher or caregiver 
  • Cultivating compassion and healing the Child within

If you want to...

  • Transform yourself to create the life you have always known possible
  • Take the next step in your professional development grounded in your own destiny
  • Cultivate a practical and artistic inner practice of renewal in the educational and healing field
  • Ignite your spark  and passion for community development and team building 
  • Heal your inner child so that you can be the parent you want to be


Then, let’s chat. I would be honoured to support you in embodying your destiny!

Creative Processes for Inner Development - Adults

For everyone wishing to create an artistic-spiritual practice that leads to emotional maturity and to the healing of the Inner Adult.

  • Work with observation-based creative transformational processes to build your dreams and reach your goals in life

A series of seven consecutive daily or weekly sessions offered in person or online.

Individual sessions available with start dates that work for you. 

Schedule your free registration interview today and start as soon as you wish.

Creative Processes for Inner Development - Parents and Educators

For parents, caregivers, homeschoolers and educators in schools, learning pods, forest, farm and nature schools, social workers, art therapists, healing professionals and all who work with the Human Being.

Understand yourself to understand the children.

Bring harmony to your home,  classroom or practice by deepening your understanding of the impulses of childhood, the rhythms of the Earth, and what it means to be human. Honour the children in your life by exploring the sacred responsibility of caregiving through the seven-fold learning process of New Adult Learning and the My Child Myself program.

Join me in a journey of professional and personal development through self-discovery.

Creative Processes for Organizational Development - Faculties of Teachers, Work Teams and Communities

Explorations about the nature of Human Encounter through conversation and movement  inspired by New Adult Learning and Chekhov drama exercises

Together we make the first intentional steps on one of the most important journeys of our times, the one that leads from our own Self to that of the Other. We build a framework for a conscious collective practice to create relationships where we can hold each other with compassion and dignity regardless of belief, colour, gender, age, nationality, creed and any other factor that can be used to turn One against the Other.

Schedule a 30 minute free consultation to discuss how I can help your organization.